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Hankook Tire Enters Japan’s Biggest Motorsport Event - ‘Super GT’

Hankook Tire Develops Ultra Fuel Efficiency Tire
- Hankook Tire becomes first domestic industry player to develop ultra fuel
   efficiency tire
- Employed unique Hankook Hybrid System technology
- Achieved approval for Korean hybrid vehicles
- “Will use market leadership position to pioneer market for hybrid vehicle tires”
Hankook Tire, a rising star in the Global motorsports, will enter the Super Grand Touring (GT) Championships in Japan. The event is one of the three major GT championships in the world.
Hankook Tire (, CEO Choong-hwan Cho) announced its participation in the Super GT 300 Class with former championship winner, Team Endless Sports, at the Cerulean Tower Tokyo Hotel in Japan on the 24th.
Hankook Tire Vice President Hyun-shik Cho said, "The event presents a good opportunity to showcase Hankook Tire's technology level to the world. We will do our best to finish in the top group and make our racing fans proud."
Averaging 40 teams, 19 automobile varieties and 100 drivers per race, the Super GT Championship is Japan's leading motorsport event, attracting some 100 corporate sponsors and 50,000 spectators per race. The event is divided into two classes, GT300 and GT500, and nine races a year. The Super GT is rated as one of the world's three major GT events along with Europe's FIA GT Championship and Germany's DTM (Deutschen Tourenwagen Masters). In particular, tires play a decisive role in the outcome of GT300. Therefore, the race is famous for its heated competition between leading tire makers.
Participating tire makers include last year's winning team, Michelin, along with Bridgestone, Dunlop Tires, Yokohama Tire, Hankook Tire and Kumho Tire.
To take part in this year's event, Hankook Tire began tire development from 2004. Test runs were conducted in Japan on numerous occasions from March, 2005. Development and testing costs are estimated at KRW 3 billion ($ 3 million USD).
For the Super GT Championship, Hankook Tire is supplying 'F200' for dry, 'Z207' for wet, and 'Z215' for damp conditions. The three products will be outfitted on a Porsche 911, boasting a maximum power of 7600 rpm, maximum torque of 4500 rpm, and 300 horse power.
Other vehicles racing in the Championship are the Toyota Seleca, Nissan Fair Lady Z, Honda NSX, Ferrari 360 Mondena, Mazda RX-7, and Lamborghini among others.
Champion driver of the 2003 GT300 and Super Endurance series Class 1, Mitsuhiro Kinoshita, will sit behind the wheel of the Porsche 911. Japanese Porsche technical team, 'KTR,' will provide technical support while Endless Sports will be responsible for overall team management.
The event will be aired through terrestrial broadcasts in six Japanese cities, in addition to other countries in Asia, Europe and the Americas via ESPN, Eurosport and Speed Channel. Hankook Tire estimates annual publicity effects from the event to reach approximately KRW 10 billion ($ 10 million USD).
The Company plans to make a successful debut at the Championship and then proceed to participate in leading global racing competitions including the LeMans 24 hours and FIA GT.
Hankook Tire has been building diverse racing experience and raising its tire technology standards by participating in renowned motorsport events such as Germany F3 Championship, 24-hour race at Nurburgring (Germany) and SCCA in the U.S.
Schedule of 2006 Super GT Championship
Round 1 3.16~20 Suzuka Circuit 
Round 2 4.05~10 Okayama International (TI)
Round 3 5.01~05 Fuji Speedway 
Round 4 6.21~26 Sepang Circuit
Round 5 7.20~24 Sportsland Sugo
Round 6 8.17~21 Suzuka Circuit
Round 7 9.07~11 Twin Ring Motegi
Round 8 10.12~16 Autopolis
Round 9 11.02~06 Fuji Speedway



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