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Hankook Tire in Tokyo Auto Salon 2005 under Hankook Emotion Theme

Products under the Hankook name are making inroads into Japan

- Hankook displayed 20 items, including racing tires, ultra-high-performance street tires and concept tires.
- A racing Porsche was also featured at the company booth, along with a Magic Show to entertain visitors.
- Lee Seon-young, one of Korea’s most popular “racing girl?spokesmodels, represented Hankook Tire at the show.
- Participation in Asia’s largest auto parts show is helping to raise awareness of the Hankook name among Japanese auto buffs. Hankook Tire participated in Tokyo Auto Salon 2005, which opened at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan January 14-16. The theme Hankook Emotion?was adopted as the company promoted its dynamic and progressive new corporate image. A total of twenty tires in 13 categories were displayed at the Hankook Tire booth.

Tokyo Auto Salon is Asia’s largest show for modified automobiles and auto parts. Every Japanese maker of automobiles, tires or wheels was there, along with world-famous manufacturers of parts and accessories for modified automobiles. The massive show was an opportunity to see first-hand the latest trend market trends. Some 300,000 spectators came to the show, and around 30,000 people passed by the Hankook Tire booth each day.

Hankook Tire currently has six branches and seven distribution centers in Japan, and the company’s annual sales in the Japanese market is at least W60 billion.

The tires displayed by Hankook at the show included five items from the ultra-high-performance Ventus line (the R-s2, Sport K104, R202, S1 EVO and V8 RS), the quiet-running XQ-Optimo premium tire, the Formula 3 racing tire that the company is supplying to competitions in Germany starting this year, various other racing and rally tires, and two concept tires. The attention-getting concept tires, which provide a look at future design trends, stressed both good looks and a good ride.
Another attraction at the Hankook Tire booth was a Porsche used in Japan’s premier racing event, the JGTC300. Booth visitors also enjoyed a special magic show. Another draw at the booth was spokesmodel Lee Seon-young (age 23, see photo), one of Korea’s most popular “racing girls.?

A company representative says, “The Hankook Tire booth was a fine chance to promote our new corporate identity program in Japan, one of the world’s most important markets for modified automobiles. We worked hard to make a venue that would give auto buffs from around the world a look at our world-class technology and tires of the future. We exhibited high-performance tires that use some of our latest technology and we hosted various events to attract as many people as possible.?br>
Hankook Tire also took part in Germany’s Essen Motor Show last November 25-December 5. There, the company promoted its products to both dealers and consumers all around Europe. In the future, the company will continue to use sales promotions as a marketing tool for raising brand image.

Main Items Exhibited at Tokyo Auto Salon 2005

1) Ventus R-s2
The Ventus R-s2 is an ultra-high-performance (UHP) tire that employs racing tire technology built up over the past two decades. It features a unique high-grip silica compound that provides great traction as well as braking. Handling is superb even at speeds in excess of 300 kilometers per hour.
A two-layer rayon carcass delivers outstanding form stability even when the vehicle is running at top speed. Uniform tire rigidity is maintained under all conditions, improving both cornering and durability. The tires are available in profiles as low as the 35-series for wheels of up to 18 inches in diameter.

2) Ventus V8 RS
The Ventus V8 RS represents the epitome of Hankook tire’s UHP technology. The tire’s wet traction has been improved for better braking in the rain. This UHP tire delivers superb performance as well as braking at high speed.

3) Ventus Sport K104
A unidirectional tread provides superb responsiveness at very high speed. A rib has been inserted in the tread center to ensure contact with the road is maintained for better steering stability when driving fast.
The shoulder blocks have been widened and the fine kerfs have been eliminated, simplifying the design and extending the contact surface when cornering. Block distortion is minimized for superior cornering performance, while the tire sports a crisp look.
Computer simulation has been used to optimize the layout of the grooves and blocks for a maximum footprint. Contract pressure remains evenly distributed, preventing uneven wear and providing exceptional grip. Two lateral grooves in the tread center improve water evacuation, minimizing the threat of hydroplaning on wet surfaces.

4) Ventus R202
This product provides maximum durability, cornering and braking to deliver superior performance when racing on unpaved roads or rough off-road terrain. The tread pattern has been designed with tenacious block shapes to ensure the vehicle stays right on course, without lateral wobbling with changing terrain. Acceleration is excellent on soft dirt or steep inclines. An exceptional edge effect provides stability during high-speed cornering. The vehicle remains well under control when braking hard on rugged terrain.

5) Ventus F-3
Formula 3 racing is the stepping stone to qualification for driving in Formula 1 events. Formula 3 tires are designed for maximum grip and cornering performance, and tire technology can mean the difference between winning and losing a race measured in hundredths of a second. In 2002, the Hankook F-3 racing tires provided lap times at least one second faster than those achieved on Kumho or Yokohama tires, and the Hankook version was selected as the official tire for the German F-3 series and Italy F-3 Championship in 2005.

6) Ventus ST
This UHP product enables SUV owners to inch up their vehicles, improving appearance and performance. The “V?shaped tread pattern looks great and provides superb handling, grip is excellent and pattern noise is minimal.

Hankook Tire spent W5 billion in a three-year R&D project to create this masterpiece for mid-sized sedans. The tire is designed to provide the quietest and smoothest ride possible.


8) Concept Tires
1. Tread Design Concept
Tire buyers are always looking for something that looks novel and uncomplicated. Hankook Tire engineers are responding to this need by designing a tire that projects a “good feel?rather than simply “good looks?in a functional sense.

2. Design Features
- Freedom
The flexible lines of an organic shape are employed in place of the typical patterns based solely on function. The result is an asymmetric pattern that reflects the designer’s artistry. Bold, muscular lines leave a strong impression and give the driver a feeling of dynamic power.

- Estempore
Restrained groove shapes are simple with a touch of delicacy. Kerfs are placed in the opposite direction as the wide grooves to provide rhythm and visual stability.


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