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Date 14/12/2004 Hits67,113

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Three firsts for Hankook at the Essen Motorshow

New tyres, new technology, new dimensions.

Essen, November 25th, 2004. Korean tyre manufacturer Hankook is presenting three important new developments at the Essen Motorshow (25 November ? 5 December 2004):
the new Ventus S1 evo, the HRS runflat system and a 28-inch tyre for sport utility vehicles.

The Ventus S1 evo rounds off the Hankook range in the summer tyre luxury premium segment.
The new flagship of the Hankook tyre range is available in sizes 17 to 22 inches and was designed primarily for fast sports cars and luxury saloons. Its radical new tread pattern, with a three-dimensional wave shape bordered by straight grooves, makes it different from conventional products in this class.
The engineers at the Hankook Europe Technical Center in Langenhagen near Hanover developed this lifestyle product especially to meet the high demands of the European motorist.

In Essen, Hankook is also presenting its first self-supporting tyre with emergency running properties. The ‘Hankook Runflat System?, or HRS, will initially be available for the new Ventus S1 evo. There are plans to offer winter tyres, like the ICEBEAR W300, with runflat properties later on.

Another new product is a 28-inch version of the Ventus ST, which is designed to appeal primarily to ‘tuners? and drivers of SUVs. With this, Hankook is setting a new trend in a high-growth market. Analysts are expecting significant growth rates in this segment over the next few years, because large, luxury SUVs in particular are steadily gaining in importance.


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