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Date 22/12/2003 Hits64,830

Category Corporate

Exports Break US$700M for First Time

On December 23, Hankook Tire made history in the Korean tire industry by achieving US$700 million in annual exports (on an FOB basis). This represents some 20 million tires sold in more than 170 countries via a global network that includes two Regional Headquarters (China and Europe), ten overseas subsidiaries and six branches/liaison offices. The company is boosting the global recognition of a Korean brand by engaging in various marketing activities aimed at specific regional markets. The sales organizations Europe and North America, the company’s two largest export markets, have been revamped to boost sales of ultra-high-performance tires, the high-end segment. Hankook’s OE shipments to major automakers such as Ford, Volkswagen and Renault have also been increasing steadily, furthering the brand image.


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