Technical Manual

The following information is designed to help you use the best truck and bus tires from our Hankook range.

Product Information

Hankook has the right solution for every route.

  • Bus & Truck tire range.
  • Introduction for each segment.
  • Legend for table with technical data.
  • Technical data of all tires.

Regrooving Guide

A regrooved tire means a tire, either new or retreaded, on which a tread pattern has been produced by cutting into the tread in accordance with the tire manufacturer’s recut tread pattern.

  • Regrooving introduction.
  • Regrooving.
  • Technical data for regrooving.

Rims & Accessories

The rim is the part of the wheel which supports the tire.

  • Technical data of rims.
  • Tubes and flaps.
  • Mounting and demounting.
  • Tube-type tire mounting.
  • Demounting.
  • Tubeless tire mounting.
  • Demounting.
  • Tubeless rim valve mounting.
  • About dual spacing.

Maintenance & Care

One of the most important aspects of tire maintenance is proper inflation.

  • About tire inflation.
  • Track alignment & tire.
  • Tire damage.


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