The importance of tire replacement and how to replace tires are essential information that every driver should know. Replace tires at an appropriate time to ensure a safe and comfortable ride.

The Importance of Tire Replacement

Replacing tires at the right time is critical to driver safety and also affects vehicle maintenance and performance.

  • in case of severe tire worn out : How to check tread wear.
  • in case repair is impossible due to damage (e.g. puncture).

How to Replace a Tire

In the case of a damaged tire and wheel, professional consultation is recommended. Tire replacement should only be done by a trained and highly experienced technician.

  • < Detach the tire and wheel from the vehicle. >

  • < After separating the tire and wheel, replace with a new tire. >

  • < Check tire balance. >

  • < Attach the newly attached tire and wheel to the vehicle. >

Tip for Tire Replacement

Generally, all four tires should be replaced at the same time. However, if only two tires are replaced, the new tires should be put on the rear.

If only one tire is replaced, it can cause left/right tire imbalance and can have an effect on a vehicle performance.


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