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Ventus S1 evo

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The best performance, beyond limits The ventus S1 evo is a luxury premium tire that provides both comfort and performance.

  • Performance

      Designed as a general guideline to compare among the internal Hankook products.


Tire Pattern

  • Dry & wet handling

    Equalized footprint pressure distribution during cornering is measured by optimally combining high-density nylon reinforced belt and steel belt.

  • Dry & wet braking performance

    Improve brake force by appropriately combining the longitudinal stiffness of the pattern block with that of the footprint.

  • 3D wave & straight groove

    The K107 outperforms the conventional by applying a wide straight groove on the outer edge and by maintaining the optimal footprint shape.



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Load Index
Speed Symbol
Fuel Efficiency
Wet Grip
External Rolling Noise
195/45R16 F C 71 84 V
195/50R15 E C 70 82 V
205/40ZR17 C C 71 84 Y
205/45ZR16 C C 71 87 W
205/50RF17 F B 70 89 W
205/50ZR17 C C 72 93 Y
205/55R16 E B 70 91 V
215/40ZR17 C C 71 87 Y
215/45ZR17 C C 71 91 Y
215/55R16 E B 71 93 V
225/30ZR20 E A 71 85 Y
225/35ZR18 E A 71 87 Y
225/40RF18 E B 70 88 W
225/45RF17 F B 70 91 W
225/50RF17 F B 70 94 W
235/30ZR20 E A 71 (88) Y
245/35ZR18 E A 71 92 Y
245/35ZR20 E A 71 95 Y
245/40RF18 E B 71 93 W
255/30ZR20 C B 72 92 Y
275/30ZR19 E A 72 (96) Y
285/30ZR19 C B 74 94 Y
285/30ZR20 E A 74 99 Y
295/30ZR19 E A 72 (100) Y
305/30ZR19 E A 72 (102) Y

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