Kontrol Technology

To realize the highest level of satisfaction in performance, riding comfort, safety, and eco-friendly driving, our goal is to continually advance our technological capability to produce tires that perform optimally under all conditions.

Comfort: Stress-free, enjoyable driving

Tires play an extremely important role in providing a comfortable riding experience. Using our Kontrol Technology, Hankook is always developing more comfortable tires that reduce the shock between the road and car, providing a smooth and quiet ride.

Hankook measures the noise audible to the human ear and applies it to the process of designing tires. In an anechoic room designed for engineers to distinguish between even the smallest sounds that tires make, engineers turn the noise made from tires and the road surfaces into graphical form for analysis. Moreover, Hankook conducts noise level tests with real cars at our G’Trac proving ground, a performance testing site. Using the data we determine different ways to effectively reduce noise.

Hankook is also doing its best to solve vibration issues during driving.


Using Vibration Control Technology, Hankook diagnoses the level of vibration on the road. Through this process, a series of three-dimensional data is computed and applied to the tires for a comfortable riding experience.

In addition, sensors are attached to different parts of the car, such as front wheels, rear wheels, chassis, seat runners, and seat cushions, to measure vibration. Using Ride Quality Control Technology, Hankook designs tires to provide the optimum riding comfort.

The data collected is reflected in the process of designing tires. Afterwards, tires are tested at the G’Trac Proving Ground under various conditions, including rough road surfaces, roads under construction, roads with manhole openings, and cracked roads. The results from these tests are then applied to improve our products.


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