Brand Campaigns

Hankook’s brand campaigns under the theme “Driving Emotion”, which showcases the exceptional performance of our tires under a broad range of driving conditions.

‘When a car approaches its limits, the tire's capabilities are revealed.’

Hankook always delivers quality tires when a driver needs them most.

Hankook believes the best tire is the one that responds in the way required by the driver and the "It Is" campaign represents this belief. In extreme situations when drivers expect the highest performance in tires, do the tires completely live up to expectations? This campaign offers an answer.

In moments of unexpected challenges from sudden acceleration to braking or cornering, the driver relies solely on their tires. When the driver steps on the brakes and the wheels lock up, everything depends on the tires. In critical situations where the tires are everything, our tires demonstrate their superior ability to thrive in extreme circumstances and make driving safer and more comfortable.

When the driver steps on the gas and enjoys the thrill of speed, this is the moment the engine’s full power is needed and the tires are put to the ultimate test. However, when the car is subject to this kind of acceleration, the force of friction between the tires and the road increases dramatically. This force must be relayed to the car and also the driver. This is what our tires do so effectively, allowing drivers who suddenly feel the need for speed on a rough road to have complete confidence in their tires from Hankook and just focus on driving.

Hankook is also spearheading research to meet the high expectations of drivers for environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient tires. Our efforts emphasise producing tires that minimise the economic burden on drivers while limiting carbon dioxide emissions from driving.

This is how the “It Is” campaign embodies Hankook’s philosophy of stressing communication with drivers through high-performing tires.


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