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Optimo 4S (H730)

  • All Season
  • Premium

For all surfaces from normal roads to rain and snow

Maximized for winter performance, the Optimo 4S boasts dry and wet performance on par with most summer tires. It provides excellent driving performance under all weather conditions.

Driving Style

Snow Ice



Tire Pattern

  • Wet / Snow Performance Enhanced

    Lateral groove width enlarged and land / sea ratio lowered improved wet / snow performances.

  • Handling Performance Enhanced

    • Applied straight rib to increase directional stability.
    • Applied wide tread width, enhancing handling performance and wear performances.


Tire Structure

Wide, High-Tensile Steel Belts

Enhanced tread strength for steering response and wear life.

Jointless Bead Wire and High Hardness Bead Filler

Improved high speed stability and ride comfort. Maximized steering response, high speed stability and durability.

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