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Dynapro MT2 (RT05)

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Toughest wild-terrain off-road traction The most extreme off-road tire Hankook offer to date, providing remarkable off-road traction maintaining on-road performance.

Driving Style

Off-Road On-Road


Tire Pattern

  • Extended thicker shoulder

    Angled V-shape shoulder scallops for additional off-road grip and protects the sidewall by deflection of protruding objects. Helps prevent sidewall splitting.

  • Sidewall bump protector

    Series of bumper protector is designed to protect the sidewall area. Objects are deflected away to protect sidewall against penetration.

  • Connected shoulder tread

    By connecting the tread and shoulder part, power through mud and soil condition and delivers improved high off-road traction.

  • Terrain wide tread design

    By our engineering 3D simulation, optimized the pattern design. Provide ultimate off-road traction while keeping on-road and quietness.

  • Mud and rock defender

    Stone ejectors protect the tread grooves against stone drilling and puncturing. Also shed the mud and stones from the tread grooves to maximize the grip.


Tire Structure

Optimized off road compound

Enhance off road performance.

Reinforced under-tread gauge

Increased belt durability and steering performance. Helps to prevent external damage.

Nylon-reinforced belts

Increased belt durability and steering performance. Helps to prevent external damage.

High strength steel belt

Improve steering and durability.

Reinforced carcass

Improve ride comfort on the road.

Jointless bead wire

Prevent bead separation when driving off-road with air pressure.

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