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Dynapro HT

  • truck iconLight Trucks
  • all season iconAll Season

All-season functionality with performance for highway driving

  • Powerful, smooth ride
  • Specialized treadwear for mileage longevity
  • Snow traction and low rolling resistance for fuel efficiency


Tire Pattern

  • High stiffness center block

    Steering response improvement.

  • Snow kerf

    Allows for improved all-season performance.

  • Button and semi solid ribs

    Button elements sized for good snow and wet traction, yet interlocking geometry maintains rib stiffness for handling.

  • 4 straight groove channels

    Ideally arranged channels provide sure-footed performance in both wet and dry conditions.

  • Multi-depth lateral lugs

    Provide improved performance in wet and snow conditions throughout the whole tread life.


Tire Structure

Unique highway all-season purpose optimized cap tread

LPAH(low polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon) environment-friendly compound. Optimized compound provides long mileage, braking performance and prevents chips, cuts and abrasions.

Reinforced under-tread protective layer

Helps prevent internal damage from impacts sustained when driving.

High-tensile strength sidewall rubber

Helps to minimize damage from impacts.

Nylon joinless reinforced belts

Increases belt Performance.

High-strength steel belts

Improves steering stability and Performance.

Reinforced carcass and rubber gauge

Improves hill climbing and steering stability.

Jointless bead wire

Helps prevent bead separation.

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