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How We Work

Hankook Tire becomes 'The Future Driving Innovator' with Proactive Leaders.

Hankook Tire becomes 'The Future Driving Innovator' with Proactive Leaders.
Kim Sun-myung

Kim Sun-myung

Global Headquarters Research Team

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I studied architectural engineering for my bachelor and master degrees, and earned a PhD in civil engineering. My classmates in college often asked me why I chose to work in tire research. Actually, tire research requires knowledge of architectural and civil engineering, and the only differences come from materials, shapes and sizes. In particular, my research focuses on studying the future of tires based on an understanding of road surfaces such as asphalt and concrete as well as the understanding of structures.

My Work

As a part of Research Team 1, I am dedicated to basic research, and my main task is structural analysis, which involves theoretical research on the causes and process of abrasion. Tires are the only contact points between a car and the ground, so tire wear is very important in ensuring the best driving outcomes. Tire abrasion is a decisive factor in terms of braking distance and drainage performance and directly affects driver safety and the vehicle performance. I also undertake theoretical research on why and how abrasion is caused and how to design hard-wearing tires. Specifically, my research concentrates on predicting the abrasion resistance performance of newly developed tires and improving their abrasion resistance using new technologies.

My Day

In conducting abrasion research, even the slightest change in materials, structure or design can make a huge difference. Accordingly, I frequently attend meetings and seminars with experts in a wide range of research fields, including materials study and test development. By sharing knowledge and experience, we are committed to improving the overall performance of tires including abrasion. Many studies related to abrasion are usually done with actual products, but tire abrasion research is dependent on finite element analysis and computer simulations. This allows us to predict a tire’s abrasion resistance performance instantly and accurately and apply new technologies before actually producing the tire. I feel very excited and rewarded when a technology which is developed through countless failures in my lab is ultimately successful in improving tire performance.

My Future

“Kontrol Technology” is the technological philosophy and principle of Hankook Tire. The letter “K” in “Kontrol” stands for kinetics; in other words, motion, meaning that the movement of tires can perfectly control the interaction between the car, the driver, and the road surface. It also highlights our goal to realize technical innovation throughout the entire work process including research, development, and production. In addition to my current studies on tire abrasion resistance, I plan to gain new experience in a variety of research fields such as basic performance, process, and new structures. Through technological convergence, I dream of developing new tires that are superior to existing ones.


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