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Welcome to the Hankook Tire press room, where you can access the latest news on Hankook Tire and our industry.

Welcome to the Hankook Tire press room, where you can access the latest news on Hankook Tire and our industry.
Date 09/05/2011 Hits 71,012

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Hankook unveils preview into the new season

Hankook unveils preview into the new season

- Hankook presents the DTM tyre of the new season

- Ventus race tyres to become bigger and wider

- Engineers expecting even better performance as consistency and safety remain unaffected

Brands Hatch/United Kingdom, 2nd September 2011 - Since the start of the current season, Hankook has been the exclusive tyre partner of the DTM, probably the most popular international touring car series. And so far, the Ventus race tyre has been fully convincing at all tracks. Audi driver Oliver Jarvis sums up: “All of us were eagerly awaiting the premiere of our new tyre partner in the DTM. One can only say: well done, Hankook.” The Brit continues: “In every situation, the tyre is giving a direct and reliable feedback and provides the drivers and engineers with a large window in which they can work. That is what you want in motorsport.”

Just before Sunday’s race at Brands Hatch in the UK, Hankook presented the new generation of the Ventus, a new development based on the modified requirements within the specification book for the 2012 season. The different dimensions are a particularly striking feature. With a width of 300 millimetres and an outside diameter of 680 millimetres, the new front tyre is even bigger than the 2011 rear tyre. The production dimensions at a glance:


Front axle 2011: 260/660 R 18
Rear axle 2011: 280/660 R 18
Front axle 2012: 300/680 R 18
Rear axle 2012: 320/710 R 18


As Hankook’s chief constructor, James Kim is in charge of the development work by the tyre partner in Korea and Germany, together with four other responsible engineers. The data from the current season are the basis: “We have learned a lot from our current Ventus DTM race tyres. However, diameter and width are so different that we had to make a new start in construction. For about 50 percent, the tyre is a new construction. In the process, co-operation with all the three manufacturers is excellent and very effective”, says Kim.

In the package together with the new car, the Hankook tyre for 2012 is promising even faster lap times while consistency remains at a high level. “Normally, an improved overall performance has a negative effect on safety. We have succeeded in improving the tyre and maintaining the safety level”, James Kim confirms. The head of motorsports development expects a significant improvement. Extensive test runs with the new tyres will start in mid-September.

Together with the development work, another focus of the tyre manufacturer is on the environment. Both in racing and for road-legal tyres, Hankook refrains from using Highly Aromatic Oils that are being applied as plasticisers and provide more grip for the tyres. The high-PAH (Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) in the oils are toxic and could cause cancer. For road use, the oils have been banned by an EU-rule since 2010, but for racing, no such rulings were put in place yet. James Kim: “Since the beginning, we have also been considering this EU-rule for our DTM tyres and we are no longer using these oils. Nevertheless, we have maintained the grip level.”


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