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Hankook Technoring

Hankook Technoring

The state-of-the-art testing infrastructure which leads innovation

Global Main Proving Ground

In tire technology, Hankook Technoring is a technology-intensive innovation space where the cutting-edge tire technology for the most perfect tires are tested and which is the largest tire proving ground in Asia.

Proving ground reaching new heights for
future mobility

In order to develop innovative products, we intensely research and proactively verify the performance of tires in various road surfaces and extreme environments. Introducing Hankook Technoring which will become a symbol of the future mobility innovation.

The birth of Asia's largest
automotive proving ground

Located in Taean, Chungcheongnam-do, Hankook Technoring is Asia's largest and most advanced tire driving test center, with a site area of ​​1.26 million square meters (380,000 pyeong), a size of about 125 soccer fields.

Location: Yangjam-ri, Nam-myeon, Taean-gun, Chungcheongnam-do
Scale: 1,259,905㎥ (about 381,500 pyeong)

High-tech R&D facilities that lead technological innovation

Based on various tests such as high-speed driving tests with a maximum speed of 250km/h or higher, we are developing the innovative technology for our high-end tires, with electric vehicles and supercars.

• Number of cars tested simultaneously: up to 50
• Maximum speed: 250km/h
• Number of test tracks: 13

Location and name
of each track

  • 1 High Speed Oval
  • 2 VDA / Skid Pad
  • 3 Dry Handling Circuit
  • 4 Wet Handling Circuit
  • 5 Hydroplaning Curve
  • 6 Ride
  • 7 Braking
  • 8 Hydroplaning Straight
  • 9 Pass By Noise
  • 10 Noise Vibration Harshness
  • 11 General Road
  • 12 Off Road
  • 13 Gravel Road
  • 14 Office & Control Tower
  • 15 Gas and car wash facilities

Major Track 1

High Speed Oval

The high-speed main circuit, called Hankook Technoring's signature course, is designed for high-speed driving tests with a maximum speed of 250km/h, and runs in a straight line at high speed on a 4-lane track as well as slalom driving. With a total length of 4.6km, the slope of the banked road's* part is a whopping 38.87°, completing the extreme test.

* Banked road: A curved road with raised edges in the HSO to ensure a safe turn at high speed.

Major Track 2

VDA / Skid Pad

You can test it up to a maximum speed of 200km/h to check the steering stability and limit performance of the tire. In Skid Pad, we can extensively test the steering stability and any lane change, enabling a more complete test.

* VDA: Vehicle Dynamics Area

Major Track 3

Dry Handling Circuit

The track is for testing steering stability on dry road surface, with total length of 3.4km and 16 corners. The maximum length of the straight section is 670m, which is characterized by being able to test up to a maximum speed of 190km/h.

Major Track 4

Wet Handling Circuit

The track which is tested for a wet road surface, has a total length of 1.6km and consists of 11 various corners, with allowable driving speed of 128km/h at maximum. You can closely observe the effect of tire patterns and compounds on the curved water film on the water film curved track by adjusting the water depth from 1 to 10m.

Major Track 5


Our tires surmount all obstacles without a hitch. The large-scale obstacle road contains unpaved roads and a wide variety of obstacles, enabling tests under harsh environments. We are ready to travel a rugged path and our research aims to shape the future of off-road tires.

Major Track 6

Off Road

With huge and various obstacles such as water puddles, hills, and rocks, performance tests in harsh environments is allowed. We do research on a new future for off-road tires based on the test result.

Space of technological innovation which encompasses motor culture

Hankook Technoring is an innovative driving test ground and a collaboration space to experience motor sports culture. We offer Hankook Tire's unique driving experience based on collaboration with various companies and organizations.


Hankook ATLASBX Racing Team

Hankook Technoring dashes with the Hankook ATLASBX Racing Team, which has defended its title at CJ SuperRace Championship on multiple occasions. Diverse collaboration including test driving and auto repair workshops enable us to create a new culture beyond technology.

A new innovation in tire technology begins at Hankook Technoring, the largest tire proving ground in Asia which is in charge of testing tire technology and its performance in extreme environments.

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