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HANKOOK COMPETITION to race ADAC RAVENOL 24H Nürburgring in Germany

2024. 05. 22

- The team will enter the ADAC RAVENOL 24H Nürburgring, an endurance race held in Germany from May 30 to June 2
- Korea’s top drivers, including Steven Cho, Recardo Bruins, and Jong-Kyum Kim, will compete for the championship title in the global race
- The team has been winning titles at Korean and international competitions, including Super Race and the 24H Series, accelerating the leap forward as a prestigious global team

Seoul, Korea, May 22, 2024 – HANKOOK COMPETITION, a Korean premier motorsport team sponsored by Hankook & Company, will compete in the ADAC RAVENOL 24H Nürburgring, an endurance race held in Germany from May 30 to June 2 (local time).

The Nürburgring 24 Hours is a thrilling endurance challenge with a rich history spanning over 50 years. With an anticipated 200,000 passionate spectators, 130 high-performance supercars — including Ferrari 296 GT3, Mercedes-AMG GT3, Lamborghini Huracán GT3 EVO2, and Audi R8 LMS GT EVO2 — will battle it out for 24 hours in extreme driving conditions.

The Nürburgring race earned the nickname “Green Hell” due to its 25.4-kilometer narrow roads, 300-meter elevation changes, and challenging blind sections created by 73 turns, features that make the circuit harsh for cars and drivers.

HANKOOK COMPETITION’s top drivers with superior motorsport skills, including Steven Cho, Recardo Bruins, and Jong-Kyum Kim, will compete for the championship title. The Porsche 992 SPX will be equipped with Hankook Tire’s Ventus racing tires, developed using the company’s top-notch motorsports technology. The tires are expected to deliver outstanding durability, grip, and handling performance to reliably support the car’s explosive performance.

Celebrating its 15th anniversary this year, HANKOOK COMPETITION has established itself as Korea’s leading motorsports team. Over the past nine years since 2014, the team has won seven championships overall in the Super 6000 Class, Korea’s top motorsport competition. In 2022, the team made history by winning the Driver’s Championship, Team Championship, and Tire Championship in this class, marking a milestone in the history of Korean motorsports.

HANKOOK COMPETITION has also excelled on the international stage, competing alongside top global motorsports teams. In 2020, the team participated in the Dubai 24H Race of the 24H Series Powered by Hankook, one of the most well-known endurance races in the world. The team won the championship in its first year of entry to the international race and reaffirmed its potential by winning the Barcelona 24H Race in 2022.

In 2023, the team participated in all 24H Series European Championships and won three titles — the GT Trophy Championship, GT4 Class Championship, and GT Driver Championship — proving the excellence of Korea’s tire technology and motorsports skills. Recently, Jong-Kyum Kim participated in the 2024 O-NE Super Race Championship and ranked first in the GT4 class, and is now eyeing both the Korean and international championship trophies.

Under the leadership of Hyunbum Cho, Chairman of Hankook & Company Group, the company has been actively investing in motorsports. Through targeted marketing efforts, Hankook has enhanced its premium brand image globally and has developed high-performance and general tires by utilizing data from motorsports, showcasing its top-tier technology and quality.

The company provides racing tires to almost 70 top-tier motorsports competitions worldwide, including the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship, the electric vehicle race, and the 24 Hours Series, the world’s most prestigious endurance race. In addition, it is sponsoring motorsport teams and contributing to the development of motorsports culture worldwide.