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Hankook Networks appoints Youngmin Cho as Chief Executive Officer

2022. 05. 18

- Appointment effective May 2 to strengthen comprehensive IT service and logistics system business
- IT and digital innovation specialist with 30 years of extensive experience across various industries
- Played an instrumental role in CJ CheilJedang, IBM Korea, and others, and accomplished outstanding performance

Hankook Networks, an affiliated global IT solution company of Hankook & Company Co., Ltd., has announced the appointment of 30-year IT and digital specialist, Youngmin Cho, as its new Chief Executive Officer. Cho’s new role is to strengthen the company’s IT services and solution-based logistics system’s business capabilities in the era of digital transformation.

Cho’s extensive understanding and experience in the IT service of 30 years prove his competency to lead Hankook & Company’s IT service and logistics engineering business. He previously took on the role of innovating the IT system and establishing digital transformation strategies at CJ CheilJedang Corp., and has worked for IBM Korea, and LG Group.

During his time at CJ CheilJedang, Cho led various projects to accelerate digital transformation and to establish a infrastructure for global business management through advanced IT innovation, data analysis, and the establishment of an AI platform. At IBM Korea, being in charge of overseeing the manufacturing, transportation, air transportation, and merchandising, he closed numerous megadeals with industry-leading companies for advanced IT and digital transformation.

Cho’s appointment as CEO was carried out as part of Hankook Networks' initiative in expanding global businesses, driving digital and IT innovation, and embodying new growth strategies to achieve breakthrough business results in the midst of rapidly changing environment. With the extensive career Cho has built as an IT and digital industry specialist, he is expected to offer high-quality IT service and a solution on logistics engineering that can leverage Hankook Networks as a global trusted partner for developing and supplying an innovative digital solution.

Hankook Networks develops specialized IT solutions systems with its advanced IT and digital technology. The company develops innovative solutions for system construction and operation based on their specialized IT solutions for Supply Chain Management (SCM), Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), and Legal and Patent (L&P) fields.

Hankook Networks develop its new business model to lead the logistics industry. As the IT and logistics engineering arm of Hankook & Company Group, it aims to enhance Hankook’s competitiveness by utilizing and applying its latest IT and digital technologies to other affiliate companies.

◆ Young-Min Cho, Chief Executive Officer, Hankook Networks


[Academic Background]
- 2000 Master of Business Studies at Yonsei University
- 1993 Bachelor of International Relations and Diplomacy at Seoul National University
[Key experience]
- 2018 ~ 2021 Managing Director of Digital Innovation Division, CJ CheilJedang
- 2001 ~ 2017 General Manager of Distribution and Consumer Goods Manufacturing Industry, IBM Korea
- 1993 ~ 2001 LG U+ Strategic Planning Division, LG Group