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Hankook Tire exhibits futuristic airless concept tire i-Flex at CES 2022

2022. 01. 05

- Adopted biomimetic design for better shock absorption and load-bearing performance
- Continuous effort in R&D since 2010 on various new projects including non-pneumatic tires

Seoul, Korea, January 5, 2022 – Global leading tire company Hankook Tire & Technology will showcase its non-pneumatic tire (NPT) ‘i-Flex’ in a joint entry with Hyundai Motor Company in the world’s largest consumer technology event, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022, being held from January 5 to 8, 2022.

At CES 2022, Hyundai Motor Company will unveil the Plug & Drive (PnD) Module for the first time. It’s based on robotics technology that enables Mobility of Things (MoT), an ecosystem in which all objects are mobile. Hankook Tire’s i-Flex is fitted to maximize characteristics and functions of the PnD module.

The i-Flex is a futuristic non-pneumatic concept tire featuring biomimetic design. It is 10-inch in size with a diameter of 400mm and a width of 105mm. Because it’s has no air in it unlike conventional tires, safety can be better secured in accidents caused by punctures. Furthermore, it does not require air pressure maintenance, making it an optimal solution for autonomous vehicles.

The i-Flex was developed through rigorous biomimetic studies and testing. In order to absorb road shocks and bear a load, it adopted the design of a multi-layer interlocking spoke inspired by the cellular structure of living organisms. The multi-layer interlocking spoke structures the cell in three-dimensional for better shock absorption while allowing hexagonal and tetragonal cell structures of different rigidity join together for more stable load support.

In addition, a C-shaped concave profile has been applied to secure a maximized contact patch, enabling safe driving. A pattern optimized for multi-directional vehicular motion was also adopted by employing the cell structure shape to the tread design.

Hankook Tire is dedicated to building a more sustainable future in mobility, and as part, has been working on non-pneumatic tire technology since 2010. The continuous effort led to the birth of the i-Flex, an airless tire with safety, low maintenance and sustainability, serving as an ideal solution for future mobility. Hankook is continuing R&D for further improvement.

Hankook Innovative Performance (H.I.P), Hankook Tire’s philosophy for technology, is at the core of the company’s commitment to upgrading a safe and enjoyable driving sensibility as well as to making future mobility a reality. Hankook Tire will continue to carry out projects for leading changes in the future while strengthening its competitiveness in the market with its innovative technologies.