e3 max dl21

e3 Max DL21

Long haul drive tire with long mileage and fuel efficiency Developed with a unique pattern, the DL21 will help you drive longer at a lower cost. The advanced tread design, as well as the Heel&Toe Stopper in the lateral groove result in self-regenerating siping. This allows for excellent traction performance, while also increasing fuel efficiency until the end of wear.

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Tire Pattern

  • Zigzag Groove

    Main 4 zigzag groove provides good traction performance

  • Closed Shoulder

    Closed shoulder delivers smooth wear, fuel efficiency and reinforced stability

  • Advanced Rubber Technology

    Advanced rubber technology improves fuel efficiency and mileage.

  • 3-Dimension Kerf

    3D Kerf reinforces inter-locking between blocks and it delivers great traction performance, stability and even wear.

  • Heel&Toe Stopper

    Heel&Toe Stopper in lateral groove results in self-regenerating kerf which keeps excellent traction performance until the end of wear.

  • Initial Stage of Use

    Heel&Toe Stopper in lateral groove strengthens rigidity of tread block to reinforce traction and stability while suppressing irregular wear.

  • Mid/Latter Stage of Use

    Hidden groove in lateral groove strengthens traction performance.


Tire Structure

Belt structure

Minimized motion of belts for low heat generation.

Carcass structure

Minimized tire deformation for optimized foot shape and lower energy loss.

Improved bead

Optimized bead profile for superior retreadability.


Measuring Rim
Overall Diameter
Section Width
Tread Width
Tread Depth
Static Loaded Radius
OE Fitment
11R22.5 TL 14 8.25 42.2 11.3 9.1 31 19.5 -
11R22.5 TL 16 8.25 42.2 11.3 9.1 31 19.5 -
295/75R22.5 TL 14 9.00 40.7 11.5 9.3 31 18.9 -
445/50R22.5 TL 20 14.00 40.3 17.4 15.7 24 18.8 -
11R24.5 TL 14 8.25 44.3 11.3 9.1 31 20.5 -
11R24.5 TL 16 8.25 44.3 11.3 9.1 31 20.5 -

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