Ventus S1 noble2

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The premium performance all-season tire

  • Quiet, balanced ride
  • Improved handling and traction
  • Reliable braking on wet surfaces
  • winter_ms

    M + S : Mud + Snow

  • Performance

      Designed as a general guideline to compare among the internal Hankook products.


Tire Pattern

  • Positive aqua hydro block

    An advanced aqua hydro block design was developed through 3D hydroplaning simulation to provide highly efficient wet braking.

  • Cornering & noise reduction rib

    A straight rib block applied to the outside of the tire helps to prevent road noise and increase cornering grip.

  • Application of 3D kerf

    Handling performance is improved through the use of 3D kerf which maintain a stable shape during acceleration, braking and cornering.

  • Optimal pitch arrangement

    It applies the optimal five rows of pitch variation for excellent noise performance.

  • Application of tie-bar technologies

    Ensures optimal block stiffness.


Tire Structure

New compound

New silica tread compound for improved wet grip and lower rolling resistance.

Wide 2 steel belt

Ensures optimal tread stiffness for improved handling performance.

Equilibrium carcass line design

Minimizes tire deformation and allows greater sidewall stiffness.

Adoption of high-hardness bead filler

Improved handling and steering response.

Strong single strand bead wire

Improved bead uniformity and durability.

Test Results

  • Recommendable

    Magazine NameAuto Bild


    Size205/55R16 91V XL

  • Recommendable

    Magazine NameTire Rack


    Size245/40ZR18W XL

  • Very Recommendable

    Magazine NameTuulilasi




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Load Index
Speed Symbol
Fuel Efficiency
Wet Grip
External Rolling Noise
205/45ZR17 X X X 88 W
205/50ZR17 X X X 93 W
205/55ZR16 X X X 91 W
215/45ZR17 X X X 91 W
215/50ZR17 X X X 95 W
215/55ZR16 X X X 97 W
215/55ZR17 X X X 94 W
225/40ZR18 X X X 92 W
225/45ZR17 X X X 91 W
225/45ZR18 X X X 95 W
225/50ZR16 X X X 92 W
225/50ZR17 X X X 94 W
225/50ZR18 X X X 95 W
225/55R17 B C 70 101 H
225/55ZR16 X X X 95 W
225/55ZR17 X X X 97 W
235/40ZR18 X X X 95 W
235/45R18 X X X 94 V
235/45ZR17 X X X 94 W
235/50R19 E E 71 99 H
235/50ZR17 X X X 96 W
235/50ZR18 X X X 97 W
235/55R17 X X X 99 H
245/40ZR17 X X X 91 W
245/40ZR18 X X X 97 W
245/45ZR17 X X X 99 W
245/45ZR18 X X X 100 W
245/50R20 X X X 102 V
245/50ZR18 X X X 100 W
245/55R19 C C 71 103 V
255/35ZR18 X X X 94 W
255/40ZR18 X X X 95 W
255/45ZR18 X X X 99 W
255/50R20 C B 71 105 H
275/35ZR18 X X X 95 W

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