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Dynapro AT M (RF10)

  • All-Season
  • Premium

For aggressive all-terrain driving The best on/off-road tire for 4x4 vehicles, the Dynapro AT M employs a tough pattern design and block structure to overcome any road.



Tire Pattern

  • Rugged puncture resistance

    Wrap-around tread gives tire a rugged look and guards against cuts, bruises and impact breaks. Affords outstanding traction, especially in muddy or snowy conditions.

  • Tread pattern

    The sharp edge patterned after tiger's teeth creates an aggressive, bold look balanced block design.

  • Wave kerf

    Deep two step sipes extend tread life and increase performance on wet road.

  • Deep tiered side grooves

    Precise and stable cornering are achieved through the tiered groove. This makes the moving angle of the tread block smaller compared to the conventional non-tiered groove when cornering which secures safer cornering when running.

  • Stone ejector

    Stone ejectors in the centre and shoulder grooves help prevent tire damage from stones or external impacts and enhances handling confidence.

  • Scallop grooves

    The “Scallop grooves” between the tread blocks increase the tire’s ‘biting’ edges to enhance traction off-road.

  • Angled side groove

    Enhances wet traction has self cleaning capabilities.

  • Zigzag block edge

    Provides superb grip in wet, icy and dry conditions.

  • Wide tread

    The footprint is enlarged by up to 7-8% against comparable products to resist uneven wear whilst providing the best grip and acceleration under all road conditions.

  • Rim flange protector

    Guards protect rims from accidental curb damage.


Tire Structure

Reinforced under-tread gauge

Helps to prevent internal damage from impacts sustained when off the road.

Thick sidewall rubber gauge

Helps to minimize damage from off-road impact.

Reinforced carcass

Improves or improves hill climbing and steering stability both on and off the road.

Jointless bead wire

Prevents bead separation when driving off-road on low air pressure.


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Load Index
Speed Symbol
Fuel Efficiency
Wet Grip
External Rolling Noise
235/75R15 X X X 109 T
245/65R17 X X X 111 T
255/70R16 X X X 111 T
265/60R18 X X X 114 T
265/65R17 X X X 112 T
265/70R16 X X X 112 T
275/55R20 X X X 113 T
31X10.50R15 X X X 109 R
LT215/85R16 X X X 112 R
LT225/75R16 X X X 112 S
LT225/75R17 X X X 113 R
LT235/75R15 X X X 101 R
LT235/80R17 X X X 117 R
LT235/85R16 X X X 116 R
LT245/70R17 X X X 116 R
LT245/75R16 X X X 116 S
LT245/75R17 X X X 118 S
LT265/70R16 X X X 114 R
LT265/70R17 X X X 118 S
LT265/75R16 X X X 120 R
LT275/65R18 X X X 120 S
LT275/65R20 X X X 123 S
LT275/70R17 X X X 118 R
LT275/70R18 X X X 122 S
LT285/55R20 X X X 119 S
LT285/65R18 X X X 122 S
LT285/70R17 X X X 118 S
LT285/75R16 X X X 123 R
LT295/70R17 X X X 118 R
LT305/55R20 X X X 118 S
LT315/70R17 X X X 118 R
LT325/60R20 X X X 123 S
LT325/65R18 X X X 124 S
P225/70R16 X X X 103 T
P225/75R16 X X X 106 T
P235/65R17 X X X 103 T
P235/70R16 E F 74 107 T
P235/75R16 X X X 109 T
P235/75R17 X X X 108 T
P245/70R16 E F 74 111 T
P245/70R17 X X X 108 T
P245/75R16 X X X 109 T
P255/70R17 X X X 110 T
P255/70R18 X X X 112 T
P265/65R18 X X X 112 T
P265/70R17 X X X 113 T
P265/70R18 X X X 114 T
P265/75R16 X X X 114 T
P275/60R20 X X X 114 T
P275/65R18 X X X 114 T

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