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[Japan] Hankook Tire ranks third at Round 5 of Super GT

[Japan] Hankook Tire ranks third at Round 5 of Super GT

Hankook Tire was triumphant in Japan, finishing third in Round 5 of the Super GT rally held at Sportsland SUGO on July 29th.

Hankook Tire-sponsored Hankook NSC Porsche Team clinched third place in the GT300 class race where 22 entries battled it out on the racetrack. The team had been behind at 11th place after the qualifying session.

The 3rd place win gives Hankook Tire 14 more points, taking the total to 22. That puts the team in a good position to finish among the top. A maximum of 10 points are given in each of the rounds. The team with the most accumulated points after all nine rounds is named the overall winner.

Round 5 winner was the WedsSport Celica Team. The runner-up was houzan Dunlop Z Team.

Along with FIA GT and DTM, the Super GT is one of the world’s three major GT (Grand Touring) events. It is the most prominent motorsports event in Asia. About 40 teams, 19 types of cars and 100 drivers enter the race. Super GT attracts around 100 sponsors and a crowd of 50,000 for each race. The competition is especially fierce among tire makers in the GT300 class, where tire performance holds the key to victory.

Round 5 was televised across six regions in Japan. It was also broadcast to audiences in Asia, Europe and the Americas through ESPN, Eurosport and Speed Channel.

Round 6 will be held on August 18 and 19 at Suzuka Circuit. Drivers will have to complete a 1,000 km course, which is the longest in the Super GT. It is also considered the most importance race in the series.

Hankook Tire continues to make strides in motorsports marketing. Last month, Hankook claimed victory at Round 3 of the China Rally Championship, the biggest rally event in China held on July 14~15 in Guizhou. At the event, Hankook-sponsored Wanyu Rally Team raced to the top of the podium in the N4-class.



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