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4th Place for Team ‘Hankook H&R Special Springs’ at 24-hour Nuerburgring Race – a “Vic

4th Place for Team ‘Hankook H&R Special Springs’ at 24-hour Nuerburgring Race – a “Victory for Customers”

- Team “Hankook H&R Special Springs” from Alzen Motorsport, driving Porsche Cayman-based Racing-Coupé, finishes 4th out of 230 cars
- Hankook Tire as technical partner for Hankook H&R Special Springs team leads to greater performance and safety for customers
- Hankook’s racing tires prove durability, handling and cornering in most extreme racing conditions
- Endurance racing is strategic testing ground for next generation ultra high performance tires

SEOUL, 11 JUNE 2007 – Team Hankook H&R Special Springs’s fourth place finish out of 230 racing cars in this year’s 35th ADAC Nϋrburgring 24-hour race, is a “victory for future customers,” according to Hankook Tire today. The statement comes from the Korea-based global tire manufacturer whose sales of technologically enhanced ultra-high performance (UHP) tires grew by 21% to US$68.4 million in the first quarter of 2007 on the back of impressive industry comparative reviews and partnerships to supply premium automakers such as Audi.

Hyun-Shick Cho, CMO of Hankook Tire, said, “We take a strategic approach to motorsport partnerships and concentrate on endurance racing, using the events as proving grounds for our high performance technology.  We are fortunate to have an exceptional racing partner in Alzen.  A fourth place finish is a superb result and a huge victory for future Hankook Tire customers, who will benefit from better durability, handling and cornering tested under the extreme racing conditions witnessed over the last 24 hours.”

Team “Hankook H&R Special Springs” from Alzen Motorsport, driving a Porsche Cayman-based Racing-Coupé, finished 4th out of 230 cars (157 finishers) in front of 200,000 spectators. At the event, a major fixture on the international motor racing calendar and one that is watched closely by the global automotive industry, Hankook Tire hosted 200 partners and guests to celebrate the forthcoming opening of its first European, ??500 million production facility in Hungary later this month.

Team “Hankook H&R Special Springs” team was made up of lap record holder and experienced circuit specialist Uwe Alzen and Porsche-Carrera-Cup drivers Christian Menzel and Chris Mamerow. Team boss Juergen Alzen also climbed behind the wheel.  The newly developed car driven in the race has a 3.9 liter boxer engine that transmits over 520 HP to the asphalt through custom made Hankook racing-slicks and intermediates (type F 200), and rain tires (type Z 207) size 310/680 R 18 at the front and 330/710 R 18 at the rear.

Hankook Tire will take part in the three other 24 hour classics by the end of 2009: the Le Mans 24 hour race in France, the Daytona 24 hr race in USA and the SPA 24 hour race in Belgium.

Race Report for Hankook H&R Special Springs

The 230 racing cars hit the road at 5 p.m. on 9th of June and the race ended at 5 p.m. on the 10th.  After a great start, Team ‘Hankook H&R Special Springs’ with driver Uwe Alzen took the leading position between lap 7 and lap 10. The team’s fastest lap was lap 18 at 9.02.928 minutes. At 11.05 p.m. a cooling water hose broke and, following a 35 minute repair, the Porsche fell back to 11th position. However Team “Hankook H&R Special Springs” fought its way back up the leader board to finish in 4th place after the grueling 24 hour endurance test.

Speaking after the team’s top four finish, Juergen Alzen said, “We have had ambitious goals for the 24 hour race at the Nuerburgring. Considering our problems with the cooling water hose we achieved a very respectable result. Altogether, we are very content with our car and especially with our tires. We have had crazy conditions this year – but Hankook’s tires gave us brilliant grip on wet and dry ground.”


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