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Bring proven successful mode and advanced service into China

Bring proven successful mode and advanced service into China

Hankook debuts T-station sales service in Shanghai

- Famous one-stop auto-after service provider of Korea;
- Hankook will open 300 franchised shops in five years;
- Differentiated service, extensive services and multiple profit points.

(Shanghai, April 13) All-dimensional auto-after market service shop- T-station, the recognized service brand of Hankook Tire Co. Ltd., launches its first direct-invested shop in Shanghai. It is not only an important move for Hankook to expand the sales channel and lift the brand image vigorously, but also introduce the advanced experience proven in the overseas market and popular service mode into the Chinese market.

China is the second country Hankook launched the T-station service following Korea. This service mode was first launched in Korea in June 2004. With large operation scale and support from Hankook brand, the T-station has combined different businesses and multiple profits points and the chain has enjoyed good profits with strong support from Hankook (high-end equipment leasing). Within two years and a half, the mode has developed 100 franchised chain shops. "T-station is a famous brand of Korea and has succeeded in Korea. We introduces this mode into China to expand the Chinese market and lift the brand value of Hankook in China on the one hand; and offer the advanced services to the Chinese consumers on the other." said Mr. Choi Jin Wook, president of Hankook Tire China.

T-Station direct-invested shop is a flag shop dedicated in offering tire and the relevant services one-stop. All T-Station shops of Hankook are equipped with advanced management concept and unified prices aiming at offering high quality services to consumers. Relying on extensive services and multiple profit points, T-station mode made great success in Korea. T-Station offers three-grade fast maintenance services and sells automobile products at the same time. It is more like an all-dimensional service shop for the auto-after market than a tire sales and service shop.

Another important element for the fast growth of T-station is the vigorously support from Hankook to the shops. The tire manufacturer has invested in equipments heavily and all the direct-invested shops and franchised shops are equipped with the vibration control system of Hunter Engineering Company from the US, wireless blue-tooth mode and more precise four-wheel positioning system. Hankook has purchased the equipment and leased them to the franchised shops. T-station is the first one equipping with the high-end equipment.

In China, T-Station practices the development mode of running direct-invested shops and franchised shop together. It is predicted that it will open 300 franchised shops in the following five years. Currently distributors from Harbin, Shanghai, Fuzhou, Urumchi and Chengdu have applied for the franchise.

The newly-opened T-Station Shop covers more than 730m2, stationed in a two-floor building on prosperous Ruijin Nanlu. Here customers can experience differentiated services: personnel with professional certificate only offer famous brand tires recognized in Europe, one-stop comprehensive services centering on the luxury automobiles, membership management and vehicle record management and the most advanced high-end equipment(e.g. vibration control system offered by Hunter Engineering Company, wireless blue-tooth four-wheel positioning system), online purchasing and maintenance booking and telephone tracking 365 days a year. What's more, T-Station shop offers modern operation environment with high standards, comfortable lounge for clients and requests the franchised shops to have a shop over 330 m2 and over 30 m2 waiting area for clients.

The Chinese market is regarded as one of the most important market of Hankook globally and Hankook attaches great importance to the investment and development of the market. Since accessing to the Chinese market in 1996, Hankook has secured the first position in the sedan tire market of China relying on high quality tires and considerate services. With cooperation with set-auto manufacturers of China, it has further consolidated the leading position in the market and improved the quality and technologies of products.

Hankook Tire Co. Ltd. has upgraded to the 7th position from the 11th in 2001 globally. The manufacturer has engaged in establishing a global management system and improving the management level of organization, procedure and human resources so as to come up to the globally recognized standards and ensure better customer service and higher product quality. Hankook has made a global sales objective of 2007 at US$3.6 billion. 



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