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Hankook Tire Ranks First in High Performance Tire Test

Hankook Tire Ranks First in High Performance Tire Test

■ Strong European tire tests endorse company’s commitment to technological and environmental innovation

SEOUL, KOREA, MARCH 22nd, 2007– Hankook Tire’s ( Ventus S1 evo has ranked first out of ten other high performance tires tested by German specialized tuning magazine, Autobild SportsCars.

Hankook Tire, the leading global tire manufacturer, also received a number of positive industry tire tests from other European organizations including Stiftung Warentest, ADAC, ZDF TV and Gute Fahrt.  The company received ‘recommendable’ grades from ADAC and Stiftung Warentest for its Ventus Prime and Optimo K715 tires, with Stiftung Warentest recognising the Optimo K175 as the most environmentally friendly in its class.  ZDF TV, the second largest national TV network in Germany, also picked out the Ventus Prime and the Optimo K715 as best-buys amongst recommended and competing tires. Gute Fahrt rounded off the encouraging results in its all-weather tire test which assessed the Centum H 720 as third best and awarded it the overall mark of ‘good’.

Mr. Hwi Joong Kim, CTO/CPO of Hankook Tire, was recently appointed to the company’s Board of Directors in a move that elevated the strategic importance of technology and production.  Commenting on the results, he said, “Technology is at the heart of everything we do and we will continue to invest approximately five per cent of revenues in improving the quality of our products.  The results underline the success and importance of this commitment as we continue to grow and prove ourselves as a leading global tire manufacturer.”

In the German automobile club, ADAC, test of compact car tires (of size 155/70 R13), the Optimo K715 received an overall score of 2.2, and the grade ´recommendable´. Among all tested tires, Optimo K715 showed the least abrasion and was awarded the best grade in this category. Moreover, its road resistance (score 1.3) was assessed as very positive.

Among the tires (of size 205/55 R16 V) for medium-sized vehicles tested by ADAC, the Ventus Prime received an overall score of 2.3, and the grade ´recommendable´. The Ventus Prime left an impressive mark, with strong performances on dry and wet surfaces.

The summer tire models Ventus Prime and Optimo K715 also received good grades from German product testing magazine, Stiftung Warentest. 15 tires were examined. Of the types inspected in the size category 155/70 R13, Hankook Tire’s Optimo K715 achieved second place and was awarded the overall grade of “good” (2.2). Alongside positive marks on both dry and wet surfaces, the Optimo K715 also excelled, displaying the most environmentally friendly characteristics of all the tires tested. In the test of the 205/55 R16 V category for middle-range vehicles, the Ventus Prime was also awarded the overall grade of “good” (2.4) and achieved fifth place. 

For the third time this year Hankook Tire received good results in the all-weather tire test of the German automobile magazine, Gute Fahrt. Of eight tires tested, Hankook Tire’s Centum H 720 was assessed as third best and awarded the overall mark of ‘good’. The testers were thrilled with the balanced handling of the tire, which was “uniform in its steering on both wet and dry road surfaces.”  On slippery surfaces the Centum H 720 revealed good traction capabilities. Both the rolling resistance and the noise from the tires were adjudged ‘very good’. “Gute Fahrt” recommended its readers to purchase the Centum H 720.

ZDF TV referring to Stiftung Warentest’s tire test picked out the Ventus Prime, amongst seven other tires rated as good, as a best buy for its viewer.  Similarly, the Optimo K715 was picked out as a best buy from the three other tires in its category.

Autobild SportsCars ranked Hankook Tire’s Ventus S1 evo in first pace out of ten other high performance tires.  Autobild SportsCars is the specialized tuning magazine and sister publication of Autobild, Germany’s biggest automotive magazine.



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