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Date 12/06/2006 Hits64,745

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Test of UHP-tyres successful for Hankook

Test of UHP-tyres successful for Hankook

Hankook’s Ventus RS-2 awarded the rating of “Highly Recommendable” by “Sport Auto“

Neu-Isenburg, November 2006. At the end of a tyre testing season 2006 that has so far been extremely successful for Hankook, the next success report has been received. The magazine “Sport Auto” tested in its “2007 Tuning Special” Ultra-High-Performance-tyres and came to the following assessment of Hankook’s Ventus RS-2: “Highly Recommendable”. The testers were particularly taken with the high gripping level, high degree of precision when steering and outstanding handling of the Hankook tyre. No wonder, for in three out of five test disciplines Hankook’s Tuning Specialist Ventus RS-2 reached first place!

In particular with regards to its handling on dry and wet roads as well as when braking on a dry surface the Ventus RS-2 was able to shine and relegated the entire competition to the lower ranks. The testers praised in particular the convincing performance of the Hankook tyre on a dry surface: “Fantastic” was the final judgement. But the Ventus RS-2 was also able to convince under wet conditions. “Sport Auto” attested Hankook’s sports tyre “outstanding handling qualities”. All in all the Ventus RS-2 performed convincingly in all categories and thoroughly earned its rating of “Highly Recommendable.”


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