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Date 08/21/2006 Hits81,945

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Hankook Tire wins 3rd place in ‘A6’ class of the WRC

Hankook Tire wins 3rd place in ‘A6’ class of the WRC
- Wins 3rd place in ‘A6 class’ of the World Rally Championship, held in Germany on August 13th.
- A6 Class is the most popular WRC class with 1600 super automobiles participating.
- Wins 1st place at the ‘Time Attack’ car race in the US
August 16, 2006, Seoul Korea - Hankook Tire (, CEO: Cho Choong Hwan) announced on August 16th that the Hankook Tire racing team placed 3rd among 15 competing cars in the ‘A6 class’ (formula 1600cc) WRC (World Rally Championship) car race which was held in Trier, Germany from August 11th~13th
The Hankook team also placed 18th among a total 102 competing cars, including 30 cars in the ‘A8 class’ (formula 2000cc) of the WRC. The ‘A6 class’ which Hankook Tire entered is the most popular event among the eight classes of the WRC, because of the many popular cars participating such as the ‘Citron C2’, ‘'Renault Clio’, ‘Suzuki Ignis’, and ‘Ford Fiesta.’
The World Rally Championship (WRC) is the most authoritative rally racing event as it takes place on regular roads and not exclusive circuit racing tracks. The WRC is classified into eight classes – the ‘A8’, ‘A7’, ‘A6’, ‘A5’ classes for remodeled cars and the ‘N4’, ‘N3’, ‘N2’, ‘N1’ classes for non-remodeled cars.
During this year’s WRC, Hankook Tire established a partnership with Suzuki of Japan and ‘Nicky Schiele’ from Germany grabbed the wheel of the ‘Suzuki Swift S 1600’.
At present, Hankook Tire is the official tire sponsor with title sponsor Suzuki at the Suzuki Ignis Cup in Germany. The Hankook Tire racing team participated in this event with the same car and driver as the WRC.
Meanwhile, during August 5th-6th the ‘Hankook JIC USA’ racing team supported by Hankook Tire won 1st place among 47 competing cars at the ‘Red Line Time Attack’ event, held in Summit point Washington, USA. The Porsche 944, BMW M3, Mitsubishi Ebo and other cars participated in this competition and Hankook Tire entered with the Nissan S15. The ‘Time Attack’ is a contest competing for the best lap time within a certain period by starting one car at a time at certain intervals on an exclusive circuit racing track.
At present, Hankook Tire is primarily participating in contests such as the US drift competition - ‘Formula D’ and the Time Attack event, which are popular among younger audiences.


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