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Hankook races with the world’s top super cars proving its performance and durability.

Hankook races with the world’s top super cars proving its performance and durability.

Official partner of the extreme challenge, 24H SERIES

Hankook is the official sponsor of the worlds largest endurance race series, the 24H SERIES and its tyre performance is widely recognised by the participants. The series in which global premium brands including Porsche, Ferarri and Mercedes-Benz participate is a continuous 24 hour race.

Challenging the limits of the drivers, tyres, race cars and related parts in the most extreme circumstances. The durability and performance of a race car and tyres are the decisive factors in the series.

Next 24H SERIES Competition

Next 24H SERIES Competition
Date 09/03/2018 ~ 11/03/2018
Country / Location Europe / 12H SILVERSTONE
Website 24H SERIES logo

24H SERIES Standards

24H SERIES Standards
CC Cylinder Horsepower
Class SP2: 3,000cc
Class SP3: 3,500cc
Class A6 Pro: 3,800cc
– 8,400cc
Class SP2: 8 cyl
Class SP3: 6,8 cyl
Class A6 Pro: 6,8,10 cyl
Class SP2: 340hp – 405hp
Class SP3: 350hp – 400hp
Class A6 Pro: 520hp – 620hp
Vehicle Type Model
GT Car Aston Martin DBRS9
Audi R8 LMS & Ultra
Lotus Exige Gt3
Mercedes SLS AMG GT3
Porsche 997 GT3 R
& etc.

Competition Schedule

Competition Schedule
Round Date Country Location
Round 1 11/01 ~ 13/01 Europe Europe 24H Dubai
Round 2 09/03 ~ 11/03 Europe Europe 12H SILVERSTONE
Round 3 20/04 ~ 22/04 Europe Europe 12H NAVARRA
Round 4 24/05 ~ 25/05 Europe Europe 12H IMOLA
Round 5 06/07 ~ 08/07 Europe Europe 24H Portimao
Round 6 07/09 ~ 09/09 Europe Europe 24H BARCELONA
Round 7 12/10 ~ 14/10 Europe Europe 12H SPA
Round 8 16/11 ~ 18/11 Europe Europe 24H COTA_USA

24H SERIES Next Round



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