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Customers (General Customers & Dealers)

Customers are the foundation on which Hankook Tire’s growth was built. Our aim is to provide new value for customers, and we do this through our global quality system and by developing outstanding products.

Customers are the foundation on which Hankook Tire’s growth was built. Our aim is to provide new value for customers, and we do this through our global quality system and by developing outstanding products.


There is a growing interest in the quality of tires which is directly connected to vehicle safety and drivers’ requirements for performance and design are diversified. Customers are impressed when their satisfaction exceeds their expectations, and they consequently become recurring customers.

Risk & Opportunity

A company cannot achieve business success with just excellent products. Impressive management to deliver value and pleasure to customers is essential today. It can be realized when proactively listening to customers’ voices by diversifying VOC channels and then, adopting those to management activities. Fulfilling this commitment will ensure both quantitative and qualitative growth at the same time.

Future Plans and Outlook

Hankook Tire conducts systematic trainings for dealers to help them provide customers with the value of safe driving. From 2016, we will focus our efforts on further increasing service quality with the aim of redoubling customer satisfaction and benchmarking best service practices at home and abroad, through which we will deliver premium services exceeding customer expectations.


Progress of Health and safety

  • Our Approach

    Hankook Tire’s declaration of management responsibility and governance for customer satisfaction and quality control


    Hankook Tire will be proactive in meeting customer expectations and requirements through conducting differentiated marketing and communication activities. By doing so, we will provide customers with true satisfaction and maximize customer value.

    Management Responsibility and Governance

    Customer Committee
    • • Chaired by: KOR) Marketing & Sales Department Director
    • • Supervised by: KOR) TBR Marketing Team
    • • Members: Global Sales Training Center, KOR) Retail Marketing Team
  • Stakeholder Interview

    An interview with a customer

    Stakeholder Interview

    From the Interview with BM Corporation of the Gangnam Branch

    Receiving a book and a letter from Hankook Tire was a big surprise and I was very grateful for this unexpected gift that gave me a small pick-me-up on a usual hectic day at my office. This carefully prepared gift from Hankook Tire made me feel that they are more than a mere business partner, and instead a member of our own family. The book, delivered by parcel post, described ‘how to read the mind of your customers’ and was very useful in that it gave me much-needed tips for actual sales operations. I hope that this positive relationship with Hankook Tire continues into the future.

  • 2015 Achievements

    2015 major achievements and accomplishments

    2015 Achievements
    ● Completed ◐ Partially Completed ○ Not Completed
    2015 Achievements
    Code Key Managerial Issues Goals Achievements Completion
    RE1 Co-prosperity with customers Adopt a retail manpower pool
    • 4 employees hired from partner universities in 2015 are working at company-owned shops
    • Visited 47 retail franchise shops to offer onsite trainings twice at each shop
    • Provided retail franchise shop workers with the sales management course to enhance their job competency (total 127 workers)
    RE2 Impressive customer experience Undertake three strategic SMART CARE tasks (10 major safety checks, real-name maintenance program, tire safety insurance scheme)
    • Upgraded the design of 10 major safety check sheet‌‌
    • Launched real-name maintenance program
    • Doubled the coverage of tire safety insurance scheme (156% increase in admission rate year-on-year)
    RE3 Communication with customers Launch the Drive Safely campaign
    • ‌‌Implemented a campaign to prevent driving while drowsy (Apr. to May)
      • - Offered canned coffees and anti-sleeping patches to 2,400 drivers
      • - Offered anti-sleeping patches to drivers of 17 direct customers
    • Carried out trainings about safe driving (Jul.)
      • - 67 social workers at welfare facilities for Car Sharing
    • Informed tips for tire management (Aug. to Sep.)
      • - Distributed leaflets to 1,500 customers who visited retail franchise shops
      • - Delivered posters to 6,396 dealers nationwide
    Undertake outbound call system
    • ‌‌Conducted outbound surveys of initial quality survey targeting 265 customers who bought one of 3 new products launched in 2015
  • 2016 Plans

    2016 plans and relevant office

    2016 Plans
    2015 Plans
    Code Key Managerial Issues Commitments Key Index Deadline Team in Charge
    RE1 Co-prosperity with customers
    • Offer training courses to help dealers better manage their shops
    • Implement on-site trainings by visiting
    • Operation of training courses
    Dec. G.STC
    RE2 Impressive customer experience
    • Continue SMART CARE campaign
    • Implementation of the campaign
    Dec. KOR) Retail Marketing Planning Team
    RE3 Communication with customers
    • ‌‌Carry out the safety inspection campaign at expressway service areas
    • Free care service by visiting
    • Implementation of the campaign
    • Conduct of free care service
    Dec. KOR) TBR Marketing Team


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