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About this Report

Hankook Tire aims to present our CSR performance, as well as our endeavors focused on creating economic, social and environmental values.

Hankook Tire aims to present our CSR performance, as well as our endeavors focused on creating economic, social and environmental values.
  • Reporting Purpose

    Hankook Tire’s CSR Report 2015/16 aims to disclose its achievements in fulfilling Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in 2015, including its endeavors to create economic, social and environmental values while elaborating on its action plans and commitments for 2016. Furthermore, this report, as a communication channel with wide-ranging stakeholders of Hankook Tire, intends to provide transparent information and gather stakeholder feedback.

  • Reporting Guidelines and Principles

    This report was prepared in accordance with the GRI G4 Guidelines to abide by global standards and enhance its usability by international readers, as well as satisfy Hankook Tire’s internal reporting and disclosure standards. In addition, we ensure the reliability, appropriateness, and completeness of the report content, the transparency and integrity of the reporting process and the originality and uniqueness of the report itself. These principles apply to all our disclosure documents as well as this report. This is our seventh CSR Report and we plan to publish such reports annually.

  • Reporting Period

    This report spans the period between January 1, 2015 and December 31, 2015. To offer more reliable information through the time-series comparison of our CSR-related track records, major sections of this report span the period from 2012 to April of 2016. In addition, this report details our 2016 action plans for each key managerial issue to help our stakeholders better understand future improvements to be made against our 2015 achievements.

  • Reporting Scope

    This report focuses on the accomplishments and plans of Hankook Tire Worldwide (holding company) and Hankook Tire that operates the tire business. Concerning Hankook Tire, this report covers its Korean business sites at the Head Office in Seoul, plants in Daejeon and Geumsan, and the R&D Center, as well as information and data on its overseas worksites in Hungary, China and Indonesia. We will continue to extend the scope of our reporting to ensure that our endeavors and achievements in undertaking global CSR initiatives at our overseas sites are fully and comprehensively presented in our CSR reports. Data on Hankook Tire affiliates are described in the Company Profile section.

  • Independent Assurance Statement

    To ensure the reliability of reporting contents, this report was assured by EY, an independent external assurance provider who conducted a Moderate, Type 2 assurance engagement of this report in accordance with the AA1000 standards. The assurance findings are summarized and organized at the end of this report in the Independent Assurance Statement section.

  • Target Audience

    This report is intended for our key stakeholders (customers, employees, suppliers, local communities, and shareholders & investors) and general stakeholders (civil organizations, students, central and local governments, competitors and media).


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