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Cyber Auditor

The purpose of Hankook Tire’s ‘Cyber Auditor’ is to root out misconduct that interferes with fair and transparent corporate governance.

The purpose of Hankook Tire’s ‘Cyber Auditor’ is to root out misconduct that interferes with fair and transparent corporate governance.

Cyber Auditor Guide

Cyber Auditor

The Cyber Auditor is a space where the employees of Hankook Tire, affiliates and subcontractors, as well as customers, can freely submit opinions. The Cyber Auditor is designed to receive disclosures of misconduct of Hankook Tire employees, and suggestions for correcting improper practices and policies. The identity of any whistleblower and the contents of the disclosure are strictly kept confidential, and Hankook Tire will do its utmost to prevent any and all disadvantages that may be imposed upon the whistleblower on the grounds of his/her disclosure.

Hankook Tire is operating a Whistleblowing System based on regulations for Whistleblower Protection and Reward to ensure an environment in which the whistleblower can safely make a disclosure.

Disclosure Processing Procedure

Receiving Disclosures : Once a disclosure is successfully submitted, an e-mail notice confirming receipt is sent to the whistleblower`s e-mail account. > Verification & Investigation : Verification of and investigation into the information are made based on the Whistleblower Protection Principle, and the investigation period varies according the matter disclosed. > Conclusion : Once the investigation is complete, improvement measures, disciplinary measures and rewards are decided, and the process is concluded. > Confirmation : If the disclosure is made using the whistleblower`s real name and contact infomation, a notice with the details of conclusion will be sent.

Improper Practices to be Reported

  • Acts of inflicting damage on company property due to unreasonable work
  • Acts of abusing one’s title or authority, and violating legislations
  • Acts of obtaining wrongful gain during budget execution or contract conclusions
  • Acts of bribery or unjust demands
  • Miscellaneous acts violating Hankook Tire’s Code of Ethics and regulations

Disclosure Method

Submit an information consisting of personal information of the whistleblower and alleged wrongdoer, as well as the details of the disclosure using the five Ws and one H, and attach evidence materials related to the disclosure. In case of emergency, the disclosure may be submitted without evidence.

The disclosure may be submitted through one of the channels listed below, and Hankook Tire strongly recommends utilizing the Cyber Auditor.

  • Internet: Hankook Tire Website Cyber Auditor
  • Phone: 02-2222-1257
  • email: ethics@hankooktire.com
  • Postal email: Hankook Tire Audit Team, 133 Taehaeran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 135-723

Enforcement Date: July 1, 2015


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